Thank you  Bella Kunz  for this headshot

Thank you Bella Kunz for this headshot

Sebastian Bechinger – SME, BA (Hons)

I am a mover, artist, educator and researcher.

My professional practice revolves around Somatic Movement Education and Bodywork, with a basis in Body-Mind Centering®. I see clients who want to deepen their embodied sense of self. I use movement, touch and hands-on bodywork, verbal dialogue and mindfulness to this end. I also run classes in somatic movement and creative dance.

As well as my one-to-one work with adults, I am particularly passionate about supporting babies, children and their families in through creating environments which allow them to achieve their full potential of psycho-motor integrity.

As an artist I have (co-)created trans-disciplinary performances, solo work, have participated in residencies, taught dance composition, improvisation and creative movement in a variety of educational, therapeutic, artistic and anthropological settings.

My previous experience includes:

  • Private educational sessions in Body-Mind Centering®

  • Art classes in the Nelson Trust addictions services

  • Movement classes with the mental health charity Mind UK

  • Choreography and release technique for students at TanzZentrum Göttingen

  • Teaching dance and creative movement at a children’s summer camp

  • Supporting the development of childen aged 0-3 in a kindergarten

  • Supporting children with behavioural and learning difficulties integrate at school

  • Dance anthropology in Indonesia

I have had the luck of many great teachers and elders in my journey into movement and embodiment:

  • Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen the creator of Body-Mind Centering; opened the door for my explorations in Embryology

  • Jens Johannsen and Friederike Tröscher and the guest teachers at Moveus– the licensed Body-Mind Centering certification programme in Germany (graduated in 2014)

  • The department of Choreography at Dartington College of Arts (BA Choreography with Community Practices – 2011), including Angus Balbernie, a choreographer trained by Steve Paxton and Mary Fulkerson in Contact Improvisation, Anatomical Release Technique and Composition; and Rosalyn Maynard who gave me my first formal instruction in Somatics, based in the work of Else Gindler

  • Benoire Ulrich a Movement Therapist and Eutony practitioner at a Camphill school community for learning disabled children in Germany where I did a two month internship, and who allowed me to shadow him and gain one of my first practical insights into the potential of Movement therapy for people outside the range of ‘normal’ development.

  • Cherionna Menzam-Sills, my current teacher, mentor and supervisor – a senior teacher of Craniosacral Biodynamics, Perinatal Psychology, Birth Trauma resolution and Continuum

  • Amber Copeland, a close colleague and friend, Certified Movement Analyst and fellow Somatic Movement Educator who taught me the Bartinieff Fundamentals and Laban Movement Studies.

  • Dr. Eila Goldhahn, a Dance and Movement Psychotherapist who studied the Discipline of Authentic Movement – a mystical path geared towards the development of witness consciousness – with it’s originator, Janet Adler, and who generously shared this work with me

  • The psychotherapist with whom I underwent personal therapy who helped me understand the nature of transference, the fragmented self and the potential for healing the mind

  • Various wonderful artists, dancers, yogis, martial artists, meditators, educators and healers who have formally and informally given me instruction, guidance and companionship in my journey as a practitioner