Terms & Policies



Sessions are confirmed through prepayment. It is possible to book without prepayment only upon explicit agreement and practitioner discretion. Once you have confirmed your booking you thereby agree to all other policies, including the cancellation policy.


A 72 hour cancellation policy is in operation. Any cancellations after this time will be liable for the full fee. Cancellations made before 7 days in advance will receive a full reimbursement. Cancellations made 7 days and 72 hours a reimbursement of 60% will be made.


It is recommended you spend time considering your motivation for coming to sessions or classes. You needn’t come up with a definite or singular answer, but a felt-sense of your exploration will be benefitial.

This can relate to personal or professional issues or something which bridges and overlaps the two.

Themes people bring to session work include — creativity; meditation; relationships; life transitions; performance in work, sports, martial arts, dance and yoga; spirituality; self-knowledge; as well psychological and physical health challenges (such as M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety, stress etc); recovery from illness and injury,: and neurodiversity challenges (dyslexia, dyspraxia etc.)

When you book you will receive an email with PDF attachments of recommended reading which may help with this preparation.


Please wear comfortable clothing which you are happy to move and/or receive bodywork in - preferably no skirts. If you have not prepaid, remember to bring cash or the whichever payment method you have agreed.


Somatic Movement Education is not a replacement for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment and should not be seen as such. It can be however supportive as an additional service whilst receiving medical or psychological treatment. Please inform me of any medical concerns you may have regarding the sessions and if there are any important diagnoses which are relevant.

If it is suspected that there is a serious condition which needs attention then under some circumstances service may be refused and a referral recommended. Please see the full disclaimer.


All information submitted to Sebastian Bechinger via this website or any other channel (email, social media etc.) is held securely and in accordance with EU legislation (General Data Protection Regulation/GDPR).

This means:

  • Data submitted belongs to you and will not be used for any purpose except relating directly related to Sebastian Bechinger’s activities as a practitioner, and only with your explicit permission.

  • You can, at any time, request to unsubscribe from any newsletters, or otherwise have your data deleted permanently.

  • Your data will not be shared under any circumstances with any third parties, unless you explicitly request this.

For more information regarding the GDPR requirement, click here