Body-Mind Centering® is an ongoing, experiential journey into the alive and changing territory of the body. The explorer is the mind – our thoughts, feelings, energy, soul, and spirit. Through this journey we are led to an understanding of how the mind is expressed through the body in movement. …

In BMC® we are the material, our bodies and minds the medium of our exploration… We are each the study, the student, the teacher.”
— Bonne Bainbridge Cohen

One-to-one Body-Mind Centering® Sessions

Based in Vienna • 60 MINUTES • €75

Highly individualised sessions focusing on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Using bodywork, movement and verbal dialogue, together we uncover your underlying psycho-physical patterns and facilitate change.

You develop body awareness, alignment and coordination, whilst engaging your imagination, creativity and joy of being in the body.

These sessions are for anyone curious about the body, movement and wellbeing.


About BMC®

Body-Mind Centering® is the pioneering work of movement educator and therapist Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. It is experiential and encompassing, drawing on detailed knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, psychology, embryology and infant development.

Elements of BMC include:

  • Experiential Anatomy - discovering the specific functional and expressive qualities of each tissue and body-system

  • Developmental Movement - recognising the foundations of movement and perceptual integration in early infancy and in utero

  • Somatic Psychology - embracing the whole person where body, mind and emotional wellbeing are intricately connected

  • Touch and Bodywork - supporting individuals to enrich their sense of self, physical structure and internal process

  • Dance, Art and Creativity - experiencing the joy of movement, enhancing creative expression and playfulness

Working with Sebastian is a wonderful and enlightening experience. His detailed knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, the body-mind is both fascinating and infectious. He has a direct and gentle way of sharing his insights. I come away from these explorations feeling lighter, energised and enthused.
— Jess - Scaravelli Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor
photo by Denis VanLith at the 2014 BMCA Conference in Tallin, Estonia;

photo by Denis VanLith at the 2014 BMCA Conference in Tallin, Estonia;