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BMC® classes coming soon - Details to be confirmed

In collaboration with Somatic Movement Educator and dancer Melody Shantala Sacco

These will focus on embodied anatomy, developmental movement, embryology and the pure joy of moving.

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Body-Mind Centering®

Focussing on specific BMC® material including embodied anatomy, developmental movement, embryology and somatic psychology.

The flavour is enquire-based and process based; diving into the depths of the Body-Mind and seeing what insights, feelings, imagery and expressive qualities arise.

They also address functional movement and support alignment and embodied wellbeing.

These classes are open to all but are especially suited to individuals who have an existing interest in dance, movement, bodywork, psychology or therapy.

Embodied Functional Movement

Based on BMC material but stripped back to the basics. These classes focus on the need-to-know stuff for healthy structural alignment and coordination.

These classes are well suited to individuals with little movement experience, who are recovering from illness or injury and need extra support coming into a health or who have specific goals in mind regarding developing increased competence in other areas of physical performance - athletics, yoga, pilates, martial arts etc.

A strong emphasis is placed on the breathe, dynamic alignment of the spine through the major planes of movement, connecting the limbs to the centre and on mobilising and stabilising the joints - particularly hips, shoulders, lower back, and the neck.

These classes flow in a dynamic progression from mat-work on the floor to standing and walking and cover the major bases of healthy movement and alignment.

The basis of this work is rooted in the principles of Body-Mind Centering, Bartinieff Fundamentals and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).

Creative Dance and Movement

Focussed on body awareness, creative expression and the joy of movement - these classes are more about exploration and self- discovery than copying routines and prescribed steps.

These classes are designed to be fun and engaging, whilst challenging participants to be aware of themselves, their bodies and their social and physical environment.

Each class involves warm ups, simple exercises to centre and ground awareness into the body and to encourage functional movement and neurological integration (based on Bartinieff Fundamentals), guided movement explorations and creative, choreographic play.

The depending on age group and populations the sessions are adapted to be most relevant to the developmental needs of the participants, helping them gain mastery of themselves and their expressive capabilities.

These classes are inspired, to a large degree, by Laban Movement Studies and can be adapted for professional performers - actors, dancers, musicians - and other artists to support and enhance their creative practice and performance.