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The 12 Steps and the Biosphere: A Meditation on Ecology, Repair and Spiritual Recovery

An extended essay reflecting on power and powerlessness and finding our place on planet earth

Upcoming Classes and Workshops
Coming Soon - Details to be confirmed

In collaboration with Somatic Movement Educator and dancer Melody Shantala Sacco

These will focus on embodied anatomy, developmental movement and the pure joy of moving.


Über BMC®

Body-Mind Centering® is an experiential and encompassing approach to Somatic Movement Education, developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. It includes detailed work with embodied anatomy, developmental movement, embryology and somatic psychology.


Private Sessions

In Vienna

One to One Sessions focusing on embodied wellbeing, and its physical, developmental and psycho-emotional foundations.

Utilising touch and bodywork, movement analysis and repatterning, and verbal dialogue bringing awareness to how your mind is expressed through the body in movement.

These sessions will promote ease and vitality whilst addressing ineffective and habitual psycho-physical patterning.

Working with Sebastian is a wonderful and enlightening experience. His detailed knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, the body-mind is both fascinating and infectious. He has a direct and gentle way of sharing his insights. I come away from these explorations feeling lighter, energised and enthused.
— Jess, U.K. - Yoga (Scaravelli) and Mindfullness Instructor

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